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the XXII Sparkassentunier is again a team chess tournament on the 08th
September 2018 and 09th September 2018 in Hoyerswerda.
“Sparkasse” building, Schloßplatz 2.
We cordially invite you to this.
Yours sincerely
Thomas Delling (tournament manager)
Please send your registration to
Reiner Nestler
FSV ASP Hoyerswerda
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str. 15
02977 Hoyerswerda
phone number: +493571 415890
or on (the internet): www.sparkassenturnier.de
or send it as an e-mail to: spt2018@schach-hoyerswerda.de
You are able to register until the 15th August 2018.

The most important tournament rules are:
• a team consist of four people
• maximum one substitute
(The substitute replaces the regular player on the same chessboard.)
• 15 minutes thinking time for each player/game
• FIDE Chess Rules (Appendix A - Rapidplay, Guidlines III. Games without increment
including Quickplay Finishes)
• default time: 15 minutes
• 15 games - swiss system
(Saturday: eight rounds from 2 pm to 8 pm, Sunday: seven round approx 9am to 3pm
including award ceremony)
• maximum 32 teams
The team scores are in two different categories and cash and material prices for the best single
players from the first to the fourth chessboard in category A and B.
Material prices for the best single players with TWZ<1701.
Category A: Price money: 4,800€, there from 2,000€
for the best teams (1,000€/600€/400€) and 2,800€ for cash
and material prices for the best single players.
Participation is possible for all teams.
Category B: Price money: 2,400€, there from 1,000€ for the best teams (500€
/300€/200€) and 1,400€ for cash
and material prices for the best single players.
Participation for teams with average TWZ<2100 and not more than two players with TWZ>2099.
You are able to get the TWZ from the ELO rating or the national chess rating (based on swiss-chess
The price money is guaranteed if 15 teams play in category A and 12 teams in category B.
Otherwise there'll be a pro rata reduction.
As attendance certification:
Until 31st August 2018:
• transfer of the entry fee for category A 80€
and for category B 40€
• registration for the intended team selection On the 08th
September 2018 the registration is possible until 1pm.
If you neglect one of this conditions there is going to be a handling fee of 20€
for each team.
Please transfer the money to:
FSV ASP Hoyerswerda at the Ostsächsische Sparkasse
IBAN: DE51 85050300 3200079141
with the declaration: “Sparkassenturnier 2018, “team name” ”
The entry fee includes a lunch for four persons on the 09th September 2018.
Photo permission:
With the registration you give your permanent sanction to the organiser. So he can publish pictures
(with your person on it) at newspapers or on the internet. This pictures will show you during the
tournament or the awards ceremony

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