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International Blitz Chess Tournament

The International Blitz Chess Tournament „Admiral CUP – 2016“ will take place on Sunday, October 9, 2016 Vilnius, Lithuania at the “Siemens“ arena (Ozo g. 14).

All Lithuanian and international chess players of every level of qualification, regardless of titles and ratings is eligible and invited to participate in the International Blitz Chess Tournament “Admiral Cup 2016”.
This Tournament will take place in two stages on the same day: a 9-round qualification tournament and the final play-off. Time control is standard 5 min. for each player per round. As this is an open tournament allowing participation of rated and chess players with titles, time adjustments will be applied – minutes will be moved from stronger players to weaker ones. Each difference of 200 FIDE rating points between second digit (eg. 2400 vs 2299) between opponents will be valued 1 minute - taken from stronger and added to weaker player. Maximum time difference between players is 1 min to 9 min. Players with equal rating points range will play with an equal 5 min. time control.
Time reduction will not be applied to FIDE rated Seniors (over 70 years of age). Players with FIDE ratings will be registered with their “blitz” ratings as of 2016 January 1. In the case when a players does not have a FIDE blitz chess rating, the higher of fast or classical chess FIDE ratings will be applied. An unrated player is allotted a 1800 rating.

The qualifying tournament will be organized according to the Swiss system with 9 rounds of play. The final play-off tournament will be open to 64 of the best qualifying chess players.
Qualifying tournament calculations to select the 64 chess players participating in the final play-off will be based on accumulated points. Players accumulating equal points will placed according to further calculation based on the following coefficients:
1. The Buchholz tie-break (the Buchholz Score reduced by the lowest score of the opponents).
2. The Buchholz tie-break (the sum of the score of each of the opponents of a player).
3. FIDE - progress tie-break.
4. The greater number of victories.
The Final Play-off tournament will be organized in the minus one system among the 64 highest scoring chess players. All final play-off confrontations will consist of two games (one white, one black). In the case of tie, a third “Armageddon” party will be played when two equal players confront each other. All games will be standard 5 min time control with adjustment as discussed above.

The total Prize Fund of the international blitz chess tournament „ADMIRAL CUP 2016“ is 25,000 (twenty five thousand) EUR. All 64 finalists will be awarded cash prizes:

1st place 6,000 EUR
2nd place 2,000 EUR
3rd place 1,000 EUR
4th place 800 EUR
Places 5-8 500 EUR
Places 9-16 350 EUR
Places 17-32 250 EUR
Places 33-64 200 EUR

The Tournament Prize Fund is guaranteed upon registration of a minimum of 200 participants. Should the number of participants be less than 200, the guaranteed Prize Fund is 15,000 EUR which will be appropriately distributed to the top 64 qualifying winning positions.

All chess players are eligible to participate in the Tournament upon payment of your Registration Fee. All required bank transfer information is on the Payment Information page.
Early Tournament Registration Fee is 100 EUR if payment is received by 2016 September 25. Payment received after September 25, but no later than 2016 October 9, 11:30 is 150 EUR.
All other expenses – travel, housing and meal costs – are the responsibility of the Tournament participant.

11.30 „ADMIRAL CUP – 2016“ Tournament Opening and Welcoming Statements
12.00 Round I
12.25 Round II
12.50 Round III
13.15 Round IV
13.40 Round V
14.05 Round VI
14.30 Round VII
14.55 Round VIII
15.20 Round IX
15.45 Announcement of Results

Final Play-off
17.00 1/32
17.45 1/16
18.30 1/8
19.15 1/4
20.00 1/2
20.45 Final Round
22.00 „ADMIRAL CUP – 2016“ Tournament Awarding Ceremony

All chess players wishing to participate in the Admiral Cup 2016 Tournament are invited to register by e-mail: info@icio.lt or by filling out the registration form at http://www.icio.lt
When registering, please provide clear and accurate information: First Name, Surname, your FIDE ELO rating (when appropriate), your accurate name according to FIDE (if you have one), the national chess federation that you are representing, your contact telephone number and e-mail address. Please inform us should you need assistance in acquiring a visa to Lithuania.
Participant sign in on the day of the Tournament will take place at the “Siemens“ arena (Ozo g. 14, Vilnius, Lithuania) on Sunday, 2016 October 9 between 10:00 and 11:30.

If necessary, tournament organizers reserve the right to make appropriate changes to the tournament rules and regulations.
Participant’s First name (required)
Participant’s Surname (required)
FIDE ELO rating (if you have one, required)
Participant’s FIDE name (if your have one)
National Chess Federation (if member)
Mobile telephone number (required)
E-mail address (required)
Will you need assistance in acquiring a visa to Lithuania?

Tournament cost 100 EUR, if payment is received by 2016 September 15.
Note: all payments received after September 15 must be in the sum of 150 EUR.
Bank transfer information:
Bank: SEB Bankas
Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania
Bank code: 70440
IBAN: LT26 7044 0600 0808 3222
Bank corporate registration number: 112021238
Should you encounter difficulties in making payment of the registration fee, please contact us immediately.

non-profit organization “ICIO”, Lithuanian Chess Federation, Lithuanian Amateur Chess Federation, Vilnius Chess Club.
Tournament Director
Antanas Zapolskis mob. +370 62115631 e-mail: anzapo@gmail.com
Chess Tournament Arbiter
Gintautas Jurgis Plungė, International Category Chess Arbiter
mob. +370 61622751 email: gintautas38@gmail.com
Deputy Chess Tournament Arbiter
Algirdas Rauduvė, National Category Chess Arbiter mob. +370 68214925 email:algirdas52@yahoo.com

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