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XXXVII International Chess Tournament „Plunge 2017” 

The tournament is for Vitalius Andriusaitis memorial 

Date: 17-23 of July, 2017.

Place: Mokykla str. 3 Plateliai (Plateliai gymnasium), Plunge district, Lithuania. 

Genovaite Zalimiene 
Plunge PCC „Bokstas“ Executive Director 
Vytautas str. 7 , LT 90123 Plunge, Lithuania 
Phone +370 604 67966
E-mail:   genovaite.zalimiene@gmail.com
Rolandas Maciuitis 
Plunge PCC ,,Bokstas“ Chairman of the Council Board
Phone +370 698 48157
E-mail:   info@zemseklos.lt 

System of play: The tournament will be based on Swiss system, 9 rounds, in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess. Swiss Manager administration and pairing program will be used. The rate of play will be 90 minutes for a game for a player, with an increment of 30 seconds per move.

Prize fund: The total minimum prize fund of the tournament amounts to 1300 EUR. I place – 350 EUR, II place – 250 EUR, etc. Exact prize fund will be announced after the first round. Separate prizes for women, seniors (men who are born in 1957 or earlier and women who are born in 1967 or earlier), youth (who are born in 1999 or younger), youth (who are born in 2003 or younger), children (who are born in 2007 or younger). Each player has the right to get one of the prizes. 
The establishment for the winners: 
The player with the most points will be the winner of the tournament. If two or more players score the same points, the tie will be decided by the following criteria, in order of priority: 
1) Buchholz system (reduced by the lowest score of the opponent);
2) Buchholz system (sum of the scores of each of the opponents);
3) Progressive Score;
4) Direct Encounter;
5) Greater number of wins.
Entry fee: GM, WGM, IM, WIM, also players with ELO above >2400 will not pay entry fee. Players who have ELO pay:
2301 – 2399 – 12 EUR;
2201 – 2300 – 15 EUR;
2101 – 2200 – 17 EUR;
2001 – 2100 – 20 EUR;
1900 – 2000 – 23 EUR.
Less than 1900 and players without ELO rating – 27 EUR, for FM and WFM – discount for 50% will be applied. Every player pays + 3 EUR (LCF ELO rating fee).
Conditions of the tournament: Participants must have FIDE ID. All travel, accommodation, meals and other expenses should be paid by outside organizations or by the same participants. Accommodation costs in the rest house „Saltinelis” (Ezero str. 44, Plateliai) are 8 EUR per person per day (bed only). Accommodation costs in the homestead of Aldona Kondrataviciene (Didzioji str. 12, Plateliai) are 7-8  EUR per person per day (bed only). 
Accommodation is provided for GM, WGM. The places are limited. Priority is given to previously registered players.
Application: Players wishing to participate in the tournament are requested to inform organizers by the 05th of July, 2017. Please, write your name, surname, date of birth (MMM.MM.DD), FIDE ID, ELO rating, contact phone number, e-mail address and accommodation needs.
Those who are registered after the deadline of the tournament shall pay all fees plus 3 EUR. In case of late application players are included to participants list only if possible.
Others: The number of participants is limited. In these regulations will be accepted until 60 participants.
The Chief Arbiter of the tournament is IA Gintautas Plunge.
The tournament is FIDE rated.
The default time is 20 minutes.
During play in the playing venue a player is allowed to have only completely switched off mobile phone.
The participants who want to arrive before 16 of July, 2017, please, inform the tournament organizers by e-mail in advance.
Additional information is available by phone/e-mail as given above or announced at www.chessclub.lt.
Appeals procedures: Appeals Committee of a three-member should be selected by players at the start of the tournament. A tournament participant who does not agree with the decision of the arbitration panel on behalf of the organizer may submit a written protest. Along with the protest handed 100 EUR amount. Appeals Committees decision is final. If the Appeals Committee shall decide as to satisfy the opposition, the money returned to the opposing party. If the protest is rejected, the money will not be returned.
The organizers have the right to make all necessary changes. 
Schedule of the tournament (preliminary): 
2017 07 17 (Monday) Registration of participants in the 10.00 – 13.00 hrs.
The opening ceremony of the competition 14.30 hrs.
I round 15.00
2017 07 18 (Tuesday)
II round 10.00
III round 16.00 
2017 07 19 (Wednesday)
IV round 16.00 
2017 07 20 (Thursday)
V round 10.00
VI round 16.00 
2017 07 21 (Friday) 
VII round 10.00
Blitz tournament 16.00
2017 07 22 (Saturday)
VIII round 16.00
2017 07 23 (Sunday)
IX round 10.00
Closing ceremony 15.00

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