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On September 17, 2017 in Slovakia, we will play a one-day tournament with a structure that has not yet taken place in Central Europe.
The tournament will be played with so-called time handicap system in rapid chess, aggregate time for a game is 20 minutes. Time handicap system allows balancing of abilities of players even with a big difference in ELO rating.
The organizer has prepared a guaranteed prize pool of 4,000 EUR and 1,000 EUR for winner, with 18 seats paid and entry fee of 35 EUR. Lunch for participants and accomodation support is a matter of course.
Through main chess portals in the surrounding countries, as well as through direct reach of hundreds of players in these countries, Chess Center invites players mainly from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine and Germany but eventually from whole Europe.
We expect multiple participation of players with ELO rating over 2500 as well as players with a ratings significantly below ELO 2000, as the game system allows very attractive matches between all levels of players.
As the number of players is capped at 250, we recommend very soon registration for those players who are interested in this very new format.
All necessary details you can find at http://www.chesscenter.sk/Unique-rapid-chess-tournament-time-handicap-September-17-2017-Bratislava-d2.htm.

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