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Regulations of the Fifth International Amateur Chess Tournament

The fifth international tournament is held from January 3 (arrival day) till January 11 (departure day) 2019, at the address: Beograd, Kranjca St.17a, hotel ?Hotel Balasevich?. The official site of this hotel: www.centarbalasevic.rs

Here you can find all the information concerning accomodation issues.

Everyone has the right to participate in the tournament, except for the holders of the title ?International Grandmaster? among men and players with FIDE rating above 2325.

Organizers ? ?Chess Amateur International? LLC jointly with ?Radnicki? (Rudovici) Beograd.

Chief arbiter ? international arbiter Prohorov Olexandr (UKR).

Playing details:

The chess amateur Tournament is held on the Swiss system in 9 rounds.

Time control ? 90 minutes to the end of the game + 30 seconds for each move made, starting with the first.

Events are held according to the rules of FIDE, eligible for 01/01/2018.

Places Definition:

In the case of equality of points for two or more competitors, the holder of a higher place is determined by the following criteria:

1. Buchholz Tie-Breaks (-1 weak opponent);

2. Result of players in one point group;

3. Average rating of opponents;

4. Greater number black games.

To determine the winner of chess amateur tournament in the case of sharing the first place by two or more participants (the first two by the coefficient), an additional match of two games is played with time control 10 minutes + 5 seconds per move to the end of the game. In the case of equality Armageddon is played: white gets 5 minutes, black gets 4 minutes, starting from the 60th two seconds per move are added.

Prizes of the Tournament:

The total prize fund of the Amateur Chess Tournament is 30.000 euro.

1st prize ? 4.000 euro + cup of Archibald

2nd prize ? 3.000 euro

3rd prize ? 2.000 euro

4th prize ? 1.000 euro

5th prize ? 800 euro

6-10th prize ? 600 euro

11-15th prize ? 500 euro

16-20th prize ? 400 euro

21-30th prize ? 300 euro

31-40th prize ? 200 euro

The following additional prizes (in euro) are provided for the categories:

1. Among players with FIDE rating from 1901 till 2100:

1st prize ? 500 euro

2nd prize ? 300 euro

3rd prize ? 200 euro

2. Among players with FIDE rating under 1900:

1st prize ? 500 euro

2nd prize ? 300 euro

3rd prize ? 200 euro

3. Among players born in 2005 and younger:

1st prize ? 500 euro

2nd prize ? 300 euro

3rd prize ? 200 euro

4. Among the veterans, players born in 1959 and older:

1st prize ? 500 euro

2nd prize ? 300 euro

3rd prize ? 200 euro

5. Among women:

1st prize ? 500 euro

2nd prize ? 300 euro

3rd prize ? 200 euro

6. Among Serbian players:

1st prize ? 700 euro

2nd prize ? 500 euro

3rd prize ? 300 euro

4th prize ? 200 euro

Prizes are not shared and are distributed according to occupied places!

A participant may receive no more than two prizes!

In case of a participant being elegible for several categories, the prize distribution is established by the organizer.

Tournament Fee:

For all the players is 200 euro.

Packages for participants and for the accompanying persons:

? Package of 370 euro: this package includes a tournament fee ana a bed in the standard double room with breakfast;

? Package of 460 euro: this package includes a tournament fee and a bed in the single room with breakfast;

? Package of 250 euros: this package is for accompanying persons and includes a bed in the standard double room with breakfast;

? Package of 340 euros: this package is for accompanying persons and includes a bed in the single double room with breakfast.

The paid tournament fee isn?t refundable!

! Important information for the players !

(In case of booking of a place in a double room by a participant or an accompanying person, the organisers leave themselves a right to complect the room on their own, despite personal preferences).

The tournament fees must be paid to the account.

LLC ?ARCHIBALDCHESS? at the rate of 76 rubles for 1 euro.


*January 3 ? arrival, registration of players

*January 10, 19:30 p.m. ? closing ceremony, prize giving

*January 11, ? departure

Schedule of Chess Amateur?s Tournament:

January 4 ? 17:00 p.m Round 1

January 5 ? 10:00 a.m. Round 2

January 5 ? 17:00 p.m. Round 3

January 6 ? 10:00 a.m Round 4

January 6 ? 17:00 p.m Round 5

January 7 ? 17:00 p.m Round 6

January 8 ? 17:00. p.m Round 7

January 9 ? 17:00. p.m. Round 8

January 10 ? 14:00. p.m. Round 9

The order of participants? registration:

Registration of participants will take place exclusively on the official website of the Amateur Chess Tournament ? chessamateur.ru, starting from November 1, 2018.

A scanned receipt confirming the payment of the tournament fee according to the given requisites must be sent on the e-mails: info@kubanchessfed.ru and elenasobella@gmail.com in which information for whom the payment was done must be indicated.

The final registration of all the participants who paid the tournament fee (packages) will take place on January, 3 at the official hotel. Additional information on the final registration of participants will be placed on the official site of the tournament in the section ?News?.

The requisites for payment of tournament fee:

Beneficiary of payment: LLC ?ARCHIBALDCHESS?

# 352632, Russia, Krasnodar region, Belorechensk,

Chapaeva St., # 58B,office 9/1

OGRN code: #1172375087741

INN : # 2368009220

KPP code: # 236801001

S/Acc: # 40702810730000018391,

Krasnodar department # 8619 PAO SBERBANK

Krasnodar, RCBIC: # 040349602,

CORR/Acc: # 30101810100000000602

There will be a possibility to pay packages with credit card on the official site.

Disputes resolution:

A player who meets the criteria for participation (rating, absence of the title of men Grandmaster) may be refused in registration for the Amateur?s chess Tournament without an explanation of reasons by the Tournament Committee . The tournament fee is returned in full.

Anticheating control :

All participants must undergo a check on the metal detector at the entrance to the playing hall. Carrying of mobile telephones or any other electronic devices is strictly prohibited.

At the end of the game, any participant of the tournament may be checked for the presence of any prohibited devices. A similar check can be carried out at the request of the chief arbiter (including during the game). If any prohibited device will be found during examination of the participants he/she will receive a warning; the participant is to be excluded in case of a second warning for the same reason without a refund of the starting fee.

A player convicted of using electronic or other clues during the game is excluded from the tournament and will not be allowed to participate in the Chess amateurs Tournament.

Appeals Committee:

The Appeals Committee board consists of three main and two reserve members. Each protest must be submitted to the chairman of the appeal committee in writing, no more than 30 minutes after the end of the round. The appellant must make a deposition of 150 euro, which is returned by the appeal committee in case of the Appeal satisfaction.

Protests against the results of pairing are not accepted.


All necessary information is on the site: register@chessamateur.ru

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