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Welcome all to Malta for the XYChess Spring Festival!

Located at the Windsor Hotel in the heart of Sliema, a perfect venue, minutes away from the sea and lots of cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the warm weather and some great chess! 7 Round Swiss system: 1 game per day. Rounds start at 5:30pm allowing lots of time for sight seeing and other activities during the bright Maltese daytime! Please look at the Results / Archive section for the 2017 and 2018 editions. There is also a regularly updated list of entries for the 2019 participants.

Playing dates: 5th May - 11th May
Swiss system, 7 rounds

Venue: Windsor Hotel, Sliema Malta

Time control :
90 mins + 30 secs / move to finish

Open A & B Schedules:

5th May arrival
5th May 3pm-5pm - registration
Round 1 : 5th May @ 5:30pm
Round 2 :6th May @ 5:30pm
Round 3 :7th May @ 5:30pm
Round 4 :8th May @ 5:30pm

Round 5 :9th May @ 5:30pm

Round 6 : 10th May @ 5:30pm
Round 7 : 11th May @ 5:30pm
12th May departure

Games will be played in the quiet restaurant area - both Open A & B at the same time.

XYChess Open A:
For FIDE rated players above 1800 (or ECF equivalent)
Players under 1800 who wish to take part in the Open A may do so at an additional charge of 50 Euros.

XYChess Open B:
For unrated players, or those rated below FIDE 1800 (or ECF equivalent)

Available Packages:

Package A: 8 nights , single BB - 515 Euros

Package A Economy: Single BB (window room, no balcony): 8 nights , single BB Superior Room - 480 Euros

Package B: 8 nights, double BB - 405 Euros (per person)

Package B Economy double BB - (window room, no balcony): 8 nights, double BB - 370Euros (per person)

Package C: 8 nights double BB (one player + accompanying person) - 680 Euros (includes both people)

Triple Room, additional (or less) nights, or any other specific requirements - please contact me directly.

ALL packages include entry to the tournament.

Prizes: Trophies for 1st, 2nd , 3rd

For any questions / different packages / additional information kindly contact
Clarence Psaila - Clarence_247@yahoo.co.uk , Mob / WhatsApp: +35679050843

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