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European Corporate Chess Championship
Minsk, Belarus 29th August - 1
th September 2019
Belarus Chess Federation
Under the auspices of ECU (European Chess Union)
European Corporate Chess Championship 2019
1. Organizers
Organizers of the Championship are Belarus Chess Federation under the auspices of the
ECU (European Chess Union).
2. Venue, Date & Schedule
The championship will be held in Minsk from 29th August (day of arrival) until 1th
September (day of department) 2019. The tournament hall will be in the Marriott Hotel,
20 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk 220020, Belarus.
Venue?s website: https://www.marriott.com.ru/hotels/travel/mhpmc-minsk-marriotthotel/
Day Date Time Program
Thursday 29 August Arrival Day
Thursday 29 August 19.00 Opening Ceremony
Thursday 29 August 21.00 Technical Meeting
Friday 30 August 10.00 ? 12.00 Minsk City Tour
Friday 30 August 15.00 ? 19.00 1-4 round
Saturday 31 August 10.00 ? 17.00 5-9 round (90 min
break for lunch)
Saturday 31 August 19.30 Closing Ceremony
Saturday 31 August 20.30 Dinner (out the
hotel) - optional
Sunday 1 September Departure day
3. Participation
Any corporate entity is allowed to register up to two teams. Chess Clubs, Chess
Associations, and Chess Federations are not allowed to participate in the championship.
A team is composed of 4 players main players and 1 optional substitute player.
The team composition:
? May have only one player over 2400 ELO (rapid FIDE rating included, - FIDE list
March 2019)
? Shall have at least one player below 2000 ELO (rapid FIDE rating included, -
FIDE list March 2019) playing each round.
? For each round at least one player of the team shall have a commercial relation
with the company with which he is playing for. Players shall be in rating order in
teams composition (August FIDE list ratings) in order to play amateurs against
amateurs as possible.
? All players must be over 16 years old.
Dress Code:
Each team shall wear a t-shirt where the logo and/or the name of the company will be
4. Registration Fee
The Team registration fee per team is 600 EUR and includes:
? Organizing fee
? Transfers from the Minsk airport to hotels & back to airport for all team members
? A Minsk City tour for all team members
? Tea and Coffee in the playing hall
? The ECU entry fee of 100 euros.
A team may apply for the championship individually or via a National Federation
The registration will be closed on Monday, 12 of August 2019.
After the registration deadline, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse or
decline late registrations or may impose a penalty of double Entrance Fee for each late
The cost of entry tickets to the closing Dinner (optional) is 50 EUR per person.
Payment exclusively by back transfer.
5. Visas
There are certain visa exemptions for 74 countries (almost all European countries)
guests arriving at the Minsk National Airport, depending on a country of origin and
length of stay.
For more information including the list of countries and other conditions, please visit:
People requiring visas (as described in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website) shall
send a passport copy to the Organizing Committee (infofide@tut.by) to issue a letter of
The participants who would like to get Belarusian entry visa in the Embassies of the
Republic of Belarus in their countries of origin shall send the following information to
First name, last name (as it appears on identification)
Date of birth
Country of residence
National ID (Travel Document) number
Date of issue
Expiry date
Employer (school name/number)
Main activity of the foreign organization
Border crossing: airplane, railway, car, bus
Please note that free visas will be given to players and their coaches only.
6. Travel
The participants or their National Federations shall cover all the travel expenses.
The Organizing Committee provides transfer for all participants from/to the Minsk
National Airport and from/to Minsk Railway Station from/to the official hotel.
The transfer will be available on 29 August 2019 (arrival) and 1 September 2019
(departure). If it is possible for the Organizing Committee, it will consider special
requests from guests regarding the transfer dates.
7. Accommodation and Meals
All players and guests are invited to stay in:
Marriott Hotel, 20 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk 220020, Belarus.
Venue?s website: https://www.marriott.com.ru/hotels/travel/mhpmc-minsk-marriotthotel/
Special rates are provided for the Championship (accommodation + breakfast / per day):
find suggested prices for the rooms (per night, breakfast only) below:
? Classic Single King Size Bed ? EUR 125
? Classic Double Queen Size beds (for 2 persons) ? EUR 140
? Hospitality Suite (for 1 person) ? EUR 210
? Premium Suite (for 1 person) ? EUR 250
8. Payments
All participants should send a fully completed registration form to the Organizing
After approval by the Organizing Committee, the participant shall make a payment to
Belarus Chess Federation. The sender pays all bank commissions.
When payments are confirmed, the Organizing Committee will send the hotel booking
confirmation to the federation or player. Full payment for hotel accommodation must be
completed before 12 August 2019.
Payment Details for NON-BELARUSIAN PLAYERS (EUR): Beneficiary?s name:
Belarus Chess Federation
Beneficiary`s Bank: BSB Bank
Beneficiary`s Account: BY51 UNBS 3015 0032 9003 7000 0978 SWIFT: UNBSBY2X
Correspondent Bank: DEUTSCHEBANK AG, Theodor-Heuss-Allee70, 60486,
Frankfurt-am-Main Correspondent Bank Account: 100-9478058-00 EUR
Payment Details for BELARUSIAN PLAYERS (BLR): Beneficiary?s name: Belarus
Chess Federation
Beneficiary`s Bank: BSB Bank
Beneficiary`s Account: BY52 UNBS 3015 0032 9000 8000 0933 SWIFT: UNBSBY2X
In case of wire payment, the sender shall pay all bank commissions!
9. System and Rate of Play
The tournaments are based on Swiss System with nine rounds.
If a player does not have an existing FIDE rapid rating, then his/her blitz rating will be
used, if applicable. If a player does not have an existing FIDE rapid and blitz rating, then
his/her standard rating will be used, if applicable.
The tempo of each game will be 15 minutes per game plus an additional of 3 seconds per
move starting from move 1.
10. Arbiters and Appeals Committee
The Chairman and 2 members of the Appeals Committee, the Chief Arbiter and Deputy
Arbiters of the competition will be announced no later than 1st August 2019. Two
reserve members of the Appeals Committee will be elected in the captains meeting by the
team captains.
11. Appeals Procedure
Protests against the decisions of the Chief Arbiter must be submitted in written form
within 10 minutes after the end of game or pairings. The protest must be accompanied
with the sum of 200 EUR as a deposit from the appellant. The money and protest must be
given to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee. If the appeal is granted, the sum will
be returned. If the appeal is rejected, the deposit is be forfeited to the Organizing
Committee of the Championship. The appeal must be lodged by the player or the head of
delegation. The decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.
12. Prizes
The prize fund min 6 000 euros will be given to the winners :
First Team : 3 000 euros
Second Team : 2 000 euros
Third Team : 1 000 euros
Special awards (for corporate sectors) and individual medals will be also offered.
13. Contacts:
Tournament Director:
Zarubitski Mikalai
Mobile: + 375 (29) 713 61 62
Email: nik_zar@tut.by
Maria Tamkovich
Mobile: + 375 (29) 199-97-57
Email: blr_chess@tut.by

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